Full Version: CAN USB - Where to buy?
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Are these sticks available anywhere please?
(2017-08-08, 08:59 AM)jram Wrote: [ -> ]Are these sticks available anywhere please?

Yes, here:
But it is out of stock right now, you can give your email to be notified when it is back in stock.
What is the timescale please?
I have tested mine further today, am getting ais data through now as well as position etc.

So, once back in stock!, theyre great!

Sorry we are going on vacation for 2 weeks, I hope they will be back on September.
Hi Sailoog,

Any news regarding can-usb stick availability?

if you dont mind waiting for shipping from china. ebay search for
jim321, he is asking for the can-usb converter Smile

Antares77, I am afraid we will not have it back in stock again until January 2018, you can read the reasons here:

(2017-11-07, 11:49 AM)jim321 Wrote: [ -> ]


You wouldn't get lucky with this adapter because it doesn't use actisense protocoll. It isn't openplotter compatible. CAN translations can be very different!
By the way there is a high probability that your N2K network get's down, when you connect that adapter.
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