Full Version: Where to learn more about pypilot?
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Hi, I'm interested to learn more about the autopilot capabilities of pypilot. I can't find a video, photos or writeup of it anywhere; a couple of forum posts refer to seems to be down. 

I am excited that seandepagnier is collaborating with Sailoog on pypilot and participating on this forum. I have had much more success with the new calibration methods than I have previously. 

What is the specific hardware used in an autopilot configuration, so we can see how it all ties together? Maybe there are things such as rudder angle sensors and such that we could begin working on. 

Greg Vaughan
Laguna 33 "Star of the Orient"
Slidell, Louisiana USA
I just tested pypilot on a trimaran sailing 15 knots, and it is working. Using rtlsdr IR remote for control. It can use any tv remote, also buttons, or gui program through openplotter. There is a browser control interface that also works.

I am trying to get the website going soon.

I started a wiki:
I will try to upload pictures, and hopefully a tinypilot image soon.

I just got the raspberry zero W working today, it needs a newer kernel to boot. The wifi is lower power than a usb wifi on the regular zero.

The controller can handle up to 20 amps, but only 10 amps continuously. I also want to make a controller that is 3x this power soon. You will need a drive unit to move the rudder. There is no rudder feedback.

I have 1 spare controller right now. It is a prototype but works fine. PM me if interested.

I also have 1 spare weather sensor board for wind and pressure/temp. It uses the davis vantage pro anenometer you can find online. It works with opencpn and/or pypilot since it is nmea0183.
We have created a pypilot specific forum.

We are really happy having seandepagnier in the house Smile  I hope openmarine can help pypilot development.