Full Version: [SOLVED] Openplotter window cut off on 800x480 display 7''
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Having a problem with this display:

In v0.8.0 it displays as if it is 640x480, but the touch behaves like it is 800x480. (photo 1)  in v0.10.0 it does the same thing only the resolution is almost unreadable.  (photo 2) 

if you change the display in the preferences to 1080 or 1260 it looks crisp but of course is cut off and you can't see half of the work space.  any suggestions?

Also tried on latest Raspbian and same problem.  
It seems that your display isn't recognized by openplotter.
Add these lines to the end of your config.txt

hdmi_cvt=800 480 60 6 0 0 0
thanks, all good now!