Full Version: Version of OP documentation
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I keep looking at for the latest documentation.
It always states 0.9.0 as version on the bottom.

I suggest to add a version control line giving info such as 
- current version
- last update date

Thanks for attention
good point, I will try something
(2017-10-08, 06:19 PM)Sailoog Wrote: [ -> ]good point, I will try something

What version is this:

Seems old or at least different than

Shoudn't the old version taken out of net OR marked outdated OR updated ?
That is v0.10.0

Yes, we have a mess with documentation. This will change in v2.x.x. We have applied for a free account in gitbook but we failed so we have moved to where we will have all versions under the same repository. Hopefully this time we will have a complete documentation without blanks.

We will mark all gitbook docs as outdated with a link to the current docs. Thanks.
ok, thanks