Full Version: New Waterproof Kindle
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For those who have used, or plan to use, Amazon Kindles for instrument display, they just announced a new waterproof version. It's considerably more expensive than their earlier units (around $250 USD), but still cheaper than many proprietary display units, and can display anything you wish to output to a black and white web format.

If you have never tried using Kindles for instruments, It's easy to give it a try. There are Signal-K additions that make it possible. EPaper displays probably have the best sunlight readability that you can get, and those what have LED backlight are also quite usable at night.

These new units also have bluetooth audio, so with a little work you could probably come up with some nice audible alerts on the unit, which would be a nice feature!

I'll have to give my piggybank a shake to see if there are enough coins inside!
IP8? really? amazing
Yeah, I guess they are worried about people reading in the tub!