Full Version: EPsolar/ tracer SignalK
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Any progress on this ? 

I'm thinking of using RPI4's built in Bluetooth to connect to the EPsolar charge controller and the batteries' Bluetooth interface. 
(I hate pulling cables around the boat Dodgy).
What I have gathered at least the EPsolar controller uses Modbus protocol for the Bluetooth communication. 

It should be possible to program the built in Bluetooth to connect to the controller, batteries in a round robin fashion and download the 
current data and forward them to SignalK and display the results on a page, could be a tab only for charging and power. Possibly storing 
battery status in the influx database.

I have not see references to such a project, this is a common topic and should be a simple programming only project with no extra hardware since all 
are already present. 
I have a Renogy Commander 60amp charge controller. They don't support it anymore, but I did find a old EPSolar RS-485 USB cable online, thinking it is basically the same unit. I'd definitely like to get this info into SignalK, also. So far the srne-to-signalk plugin isn't getting the data. Perhaps I need some drivers for the RPi4, although a "lsusb" in terminal does show "Bus 001 Device 009: ID 04e2:1411 Exar Corp.", so it does see that it's connected.
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