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[EN - Headless] - JeanRCA - 2018-06-21

Hey !
I have two problems with the chapter "Headless"

1 -"..... If OpenPlotter is working as access point, the address is If it is working as client of another access point, you have to find out what address has the access point given to OpenPlotter."

I don't understand: when you create the Noobs SD card, and plug it into the Raspberry, OpenPlotter is configured as a WiFi access point, it can't be working as a client of an other AP.

In my point of view, you have to connect yourself, using vnc, and then chosse to work as a client of an existing Wifi AP.

So I propose : "... OpenPlotter is working as access point, the address is"
2- "....
  • Introduce the Username: pi

  • Introduce the Password: raspberry

  • Select Remember password, press OK and you are in!  "
I think it's not very clever to remember a password you have to change as soon as possible.
So I propose to drop the last sentence