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RE: CAN-USB Availability - verkerkbr - 2020-04-06

The only difference is the Opto coupling to separate the data from the usb input.

According to the info from support they think it is probably not needed. But with the opto coupling it is safer.

The Candlelight firmware works best for me, But you need to make the inialisation string. Which can be done at startup. See my former mail.

A pity that there is no case for this very small board.


RE: CAN-USB Availability - olewsaa - 2021-01-01

Isolating all connections is generally a good idea. Stray current, spikes, ground loops, etc. The service 12V is often in the kW range, imagine the garbage on the line when a windlass is running.  Ground loop can be devastating if high current flow suddenly find that it like to flow through your instrument cables. I learned the hard way two times, first time in a lab where the RS232 cable was fried due to ground fault in an instrument, second time when som smartass decided to use positive voltage to common in a pair of PC speakers, connecting to a laptop and feeding both from a 12V supply did not work well. After these incidents I have become used to isolate wherever I can, some more rationale here .

You can buy USB isolators, they can be a very cost effective solution.