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[Solved] openplotter versioning - FredericGuilbault - 2019-02-09

Im confused about the open plotter version numbers and what they mean.

What is the lastest Release or Stable version number?

The master branch is at v.0.17.1 with the most recent tag.

But there is a commit here v1.2 in the dev branch with no tag. Is this a stable/release ?

There is also a branch named 2.x.x forked from v0.17.0 with no tag. ( this one look under development ) Is it usable ATM ?

[Image: 6rhoxcY.png]

RE: openplotter versioning - jim321 - 2019-02-09

0.17. is debian jessie we moved to debian stretch with 1.0.0 "introduction of MOITESSIER HAT" it updates to 1.2.0 thats where we stand at the moment..2/10/19
you cant update from 0.17 to 1.0.0 , new repository's kernel apt and gcc on 1.0.0....
0.17 is no longer supported..
there is a post here somewhere that explains the version numbering scheme.
link to img. noobs
2.0.0 is a new branch so it might not even be released

RE: openplotter versioning - FredericGuilbault - 2019-02-10

Cool thx, it's clear for me now. Big Grin

RE: [Solved] openplotter versioning - Sailoog - 2019-02-12

This can help too:

v2.x.x is the development branch now. We are working hard on it and we will publish a road map in the next days to collect some feedback from users. Big changes and improvements are coming Smile