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What happens if ... (SignalK) - garysmith - 2019-07-04

This question is aimed at one of the developers of Signal K

I'm working on an XDR parser and with all of the typical data (that I have access to) it works fine. It reads an XDR message, breaks it into quadruples, looks up the definition in a dictionary and writes the relevant value & signal k pairs in a Signal K json string.

But with the pitch, roll & yaw data potentially arriving in different XDR messages I don't have a way to associate the data into a single object ...

What will happens if I send deltas with only one element of the attitude object set at a time? I am assuming that the Signal K server will ignore the deltas? Hopefully it doesn't and accepts an object with one or more fields not set?


What happens if ... (SignalK) - tkurki - 2019-07-05

The server is mostly unaware of the schema and will happily pass along all messages.

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