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Troubleshooting after faulty magnetic course - Luckbert - 2019-10-09

Hello, everybody.
I have repeated problems with my IMU. After I have calibrated the magnetic course does not match the real course. Some differences are more than 100°.
I am looking for the cause. Is it because of the IMU or has it other reasons.
To possible culprits.
I make mistakes in handling.
The IMU is about 30cm away from the rest of the system and there are no power cables nearby.
I drive in Germany on channels which are bordered with steel walls. (Do you know that or do you need a picture?)
I am using a mpu9255 bought cheaply from China. (Could it be that there are different qualities? Where do you get your parts from?)
Greetings Jürgen

Translated with

RE: Troubleshooting after faulty magnetic course - rastam4n - 2019-10-09

You are not alone but in my case it was with the Motessier Hat and so I purchased a TinyPilot and now even TP (which is mounted 6' from the helm) sometimes has an incorrect heading, I have even witnessed it wandering.

and that is not all!

Seems I also have some issues with GPS reporting incorrectly via Motessier Hat!

The other day while trolling on Lake Huron I suddenly found myself on the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America! The teleportation was very disorienting! Thankfully it eventually sent me back.