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ActiSense NGT-1-ISO connection - RichFind - 2020-01-09

I have an ActiSense NGT-1-ISO the output from it is serial RS-232. The ActiSense is connected to a Serial Port to Ethernet converter which allows me to talk to it over my onboard network using WiFi or a hard network connection. However OpenPlotter does not allow for network connections like OpenCPN does. I like this arrangement because this allows me to move the the computer around without restrictions that a NMEA 2000-USB dongle has.

Is there any possibility of adding a network connected serial option to OpenPlotter?


RE: ActiSense NGT-1-ISO connection - tkurki - 2020-06-11

I have never dealt with network connected serial. Is it a tcp server? Can you give an example on how one does it in OpenCpn?

Signal K server support input over UDP and TCP, so probably the support is already there.

RE: ActiSense NGT-1-ISO connection - RichFind - 2020-06-14

I have attached a block diagram of my hardware. The Antisense NGT-1-ISO (SN 148893) converts the CAN data to the appropriate PGNs. 

The Antisense is connected to an ESR904 Ethernet Serial Server ( on physical port 2.

The ESR904 physical port 2 is configured to be addressed on my system as It is a TCP connection. 
The IP address, port number, baud rate, etc. are set in the ESR904.

Also attached is an example of how I connect to NMEA 0183 data from OpenCPN on physical port 1 of the ESR904. 

In theory I can connect to the ESR904 physical port 2 which has the NMEA 2000 PGNs with OpenCPN, but of course OpenCPN does not recognize it.

There already be the ability to make this connection with OpenPlotter but I haven't found it.

One of the advantages of the serial ports being on the network is that I don't have any wired connections to the laptop allowing much more portability. I can also make several connections to the same ESR904 physical port simultaneously with different systems. 

I.e. I could connect multiple laptops and Raspberry Pis to the same ESR904 physical port simultaneously.  

Note: The Com xx ports listed on the wires on the Block Diagram is for use with Windows where I have assigned the Ethernet addresses to virtual com ports. Ignore those references.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this I was in the hospital.

Rich Findley