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We have new server! - Sailoog - 2020-06-01

Finally we are online again.

We have migrated to a new server to improve performance and reputation. DNS propagation has taken an unusually long time and we have been 3 days offline, sorry for that. There is a new style but contents are the same and nothing has been lost.

We are working on new exciting features for OpenPlotter and OpenMarine, stay connected Wink

RE: We have new server! - abarrow - 2020-06-02

Looks great!

RE: We have new server! - Blue Ocean - 2020-06-02

Nice fresh layout!

RE: We have new server! - Didier B - 2020-06-05

Hi guys and girls !
In this post confinement time it is so good to be in contact again !
What a relief to have again access to this huge amount of experience !
I like this new design, more dynamic !

Wish all the best to the whole team and keep going strong !

RE: We have new server! - Luckbert - 2020-06-05

Hello, everyone,
The new layout looks great.
The mod functions are much clearer.

Thanks for the move.

Greetings J├╝rgen

RE: We have new server! - tkurki - 2020-06-11

I've used Tapatalk on iOS in the past, it doesn't work any more. Any ideas for a smooth reading experience on iPhone?

RE: We have new server! - Sailoog - 2020-06-16

tapatalk got lost with the migration. It is reinstalled and working. Let me know any problem.

We have new server! - tkurki - 2020-06-16

Works - thanks!

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