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Pb port 8080 - kinefou - 2020-06-27

Hello everybody,

After an installation of ADS-B, followed by its uninstallation, the port 8080 dedicated in principle to web control of pypilot returns me to the PiAware SkyAware page which seems to me to have been installed by ADS-B whose uninstallation is not enough to make this address to Pypilot.
please is there anybody who can tell me how to regain my web control (I uninstalled and reinstalled pypilot, but my port 8080 is still directed to PiAware.).


RE: Pb port 8080 - seandepagnier - 2020-06-28

You can edit:

RE: Pb port 8080 - kinefou - 2020-06-29

Thank you very much Sean, you are always so responsive!
I could not try your solution because between my message and your response, I flashed a backup and everything works again.
On the other hand, you taught me how to change the port of a service and I thank you for it, because these network subtleties are always a little obscure to me.