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Tiny Pilot IP Address - DoubleDutch - 2020-06-27

Is it possible to change the IP address TinyPilot uses for its web interface?

Reason for the ask is that my little RPi has too many Wifi adaptors
  • WLAN0: Connects to the Boat Wifi and the internet
  • WLAN1: Runs Signal-K (10.10.10.x)
  • WLAN2: Connects to Tiny Pilot (192.168.14.x)
And I'm trying to find a way to let everything run on the one wifi adaptor (or is that a really bad idea?)

My sensors connected to SignalK can just hard-code the SignalK server address so the RPi does not need to run a DHCP server I think, that means that the Internet router can be the DHCP server and hand our address to network 10.10.10.x. - so it's just TinyPilot that needs to have a different (static) IP I think?

RE: Tiny Pilot IP Address - sideluxe - 2020-06-27


I am using a raspi with avnav as nmea multiplexer. 
It connects to the internet, if available via wlan1 and uses dnsmasq via wlan0 for boat wifi. 
You should not use the same interface as dhcp client and server. 
Your default route points to the internet and all other traffic stays within the same subnet.
Then you can easily configure tinypilot to work in client mode via the webinterface an connect to your ssid. 



RE: Tiny Pilot IP Address - seandepagnier - 2020-06-28

tinypilot is going to support static ips (and wifi adhoc mode) in the future. It's just not implemented but you can certainly edit the config files to achieve this in the meantime.