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Unable to launch start*.elf - saskiak - 2020-06-30

I'm not even sure if this is an OpenPlotter problem, but I have to start somewhere.

What I have at my disposal:
  • Raspi 4
  • Latest OP2 NOOBS headless
  • A Chromebook with USB-© ports and sd card reader
  • No clue about linux
What happened?
Today I booted up the RP4 with a "fresh" OP2 installation from January. It started the wifi, to which I could connect. As I couldn't remember the login credentials I decided to simply reinstall OP2.
I put the SD card in the Chromebook, formatted it with FAT32, copied the files from the NOOBS zip in the root directory of the card, put that one back in die RP4 and booted it up.
The RP4 starts accessing the card (green LED on) and then continues with a repeating 4 flash pattern of the green LED. Google says, this means that it cannot launch the start*.elf.
Just to see what would happen, I reformatted the card with exFAT and NTFS. With NTFS I see the same pattern as with FAT32, whereas with exFAT that green LED does not light up at all.

The tools at my disposition are very limited, as I'm currently on the boat.

I'm really lost here, help me please.

Additional info:

I followed these instruction to see what would happen and in this case the rp4 seems to accept the card. At least there's a lot of activity from the green LED.

RE: Unable to launch start*.elf - SiG - 2020-07-02

I'm not an expert with NOOBS.
But as you said, it seems to be a problem with files in the SD card.
If you want to install only openplotter on this raspberry I suggest you to use the img version of openplotter.
The procedure is really simple:
You can use balena etcher :
You take the img version. And you just select it in balena etcher, then select your sd card and lastly you can click on the flash button.

I hope it will be useful.

RE: Unable to launch start*.elf - saskiak - 2020-07-02

I finally managed to figure out the issue:

ChromeOS is an a**hole that may seem to format the card but does a shitty job and does not create a readable partition.
Try not to rely on ChromeOS to do such things  Confused