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gpio / actions plugin for OP2 - - 2020-07-11

OP1 has the gpio and actions tab, in which I automate terminal commands, gpio buttons, and for each gpio a signalk-sentence is added which I can then monitor in the instrument panel of signalk. 

Since OP2 these functionalities are totally removed, I guess the reason being that node-Red has all the capabilities.
It doesn't seem to be actively developed or on the roadmap for OP2, as I can see the plugin isn't mentioned as "coming soon".

Not everyone is capable of designing a node-red flow to do the same as the old situation, so I would like to know if this features is coming back again or if anyone else is still interested.

RE: gpio / actions plugin for OP2 - Sailoog - 2020-07-15

These features are managed in openplotter 2 by the openplotter-iot app and it is the main developing area now: we will publish the first beta soon.

RE: gpio / actions plugin for OP2 - - 2020-07-19