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Autopilot route plugin (opencpn freezes) - partyvi - 2020-09-12

Have a problem.

In 90% times if i try to activate Autopilot route OpenCPN interface freezes, top shows 100% CPU utilization.
It frieezes after showing plugin window wit dashes on all values,

My configuration:
Opencpn 5.2.0
Autopilot Route plugin 0.4
Pypilot plugin 0.10
pypilot 2.0.8

Likely, problem started after update to openCPN 5.2.0

Additional information:
Sometimes it is starting well, if plugin started one time, it works well. I can deactivate route, activate another one it works well.
but if it freeze - no way to recover openCPN - only restart over kill -9.

Doubble checked - no NMEA loops.
CPN - input NMEA from 10110, with ignoring APB and RMB.
output NMEA 20220, output filtering "transmit sentences" APB only
However problem happenning even with disabled NMEA output.

Does somebody have similar issue?
Does exists easy way to get some debug output from Autopilot Route plugin? if so how to get it?
I can't catch what makes it start well, what make it freeze, looks it happens randomly. Welcome to give idea what i can check.


RE: Autopilot route plugin (opencpn freezes) - Sailoog - 2020-09-14