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si-tex conecction - chrisw329 - 2020-10-05

So right now I am trying to connect a si-tex class b ais transceiver to the pi4 via usb connection with absolutely no success. and I cannot find anything that mentions that transceiver at all anywhere maybe its too outdated or I'm doing somethig complexly wrong I can get it to reconise the usb in the serial app and thats about it. I cannot get location data or anything else in the user manual it says plug it it and set baud probably missing something and all new to this navigation protocals and stuff configuring is no problem if I knew what to change. any help is appreciated! thanks.
Quick edit: maybe I am just impatient and there has to be a specific order everything wants to be turned on. Now I am getting the ais data but no gps in opencpn. Earlier I had both a good gps signal and the ais the. Restarted the pi and now am only getting ais without a gps signal