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RE: updated pypilot beta image - Onno - 2020-10-16

(2020-10-14, 10:22 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: I tried this a bunch and I think the buttons do work.   Are  you sure? There should at least be voltage output.

The new version does something different with manual control.  Before it moved in bursts, now it moves when the button is down and stops when you release to give better manual control.   It runs the motor at lower speeds so maybe it's not enough to move your motor at all, and this is why.   The starboard10 button should give you full speed at least.

Thanks I have changed the buttons function from 1 to 10 and now it behaves as expected!

I have a older image laying around it is version 0.12 when i swap it it gives in de same direction on the 0.12 version a 112 degree heading and with the 0.22 version a 343 degree heading?

RE: updated pypilot beta image - seandepagnier - 2020-10-16

there is a compass offset that could be set differently