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sending data to - W_LAY - 2020-10-13

Hi everybody,

I put a moitessier hat on a raspberry PI 3b+. I'm near Brest in Britanny and I try to send data to by UDP connexion.
I tried an output UDP connexion to port 3401 but still no stream in their side.
I tried to send the same informations to fleetmon ( port 34912 by UDP connexion)... No streams
I can see at least 15 ships on my raspberry but nothing on those websites.

Could someone help me?



RE: sending data to - W_LAY - 2020-10-13

I use AisReporter plugin but still no data seen on FleetMon dashboard...

RE: sending data to - holgerw - 2020-11-07

Did you register with them?

I did this with vesselfinder and marinetraffic and i see my data on theris servers.