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[CLOSED] Old images - rastam4n - 2020-11-02

Hi there

I am in the process of building a new system and I wrote the "starting img" to my usb ssd drive. The RPi on boot up says it requires a newer software in order to boot from usb. 
It seems silly to have to write the img to an sd card and then update it then copy the updated img to the ssd drive each and every time this task is required. 

Maybe we can get an updated img with the current kernel so this process does not need to be duplicated by each person wishing to boot from usb?

RE: Old images - MatsA - 2020-11-03

Another way is to check out my post
Always the latest ;-)

RE: Old images - rastam4n - 2020-11-03

(2020-11-03, 08:05 PM)MatsA Wrote: Another way is to check out my post
Always the latest ;-)

Thanks MatsA 
I started installing from a clean image with recommended software preloaded but I could not get the OpenPlotter menu item to work... so I was stuck with "others" and that bothered me, so I decided to go with the starting img. it's all done now and I created a backup of the updated img so it will not be an issue for me again... just for everyone else that wants to boot from usb....

RE: Old images - Sailoog - 2020-11-04

yes, stating images are a little old now and we should create new ones but we have no much time now, we will do ASAP

RE: Old images - Sailoog - 2020-12-16