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OpenPlotter YouTube Tutorial - SirReal - 2020-12-20

Hey folks!

I did a YoutTube tutorial covering OpenPlotter-Settings with OpenCPN, Kplex, Serial and XYGrib in PART1/2
and I2C, pypilot, Signal K with BME280, MPU-9250 and VK-162 connected to OpenCPN in PART2/2.

Part 1 is online:

OpenPlotter 1/2

Part 2 will follow in one week. It is ready but I didn't want to publish both parts in the same week.

I hope it helps!

Best regards,

Sir Real

RE: OpenPlotter YouTube Tutorial - Sailoog - 2020-12-21

WOW! that is really cool! thanks for sharing

There are more than one way to do things in openplotter.You used serial-kplex-opencpn or serial-opencpn paths but I always prefer serial-signalk-opencpn because it seems to me the most stable and versatile. Once you have all data in signalk your possibilities multiply.

RE: OpenPlotter YouTube Tutorial - SirReal - 2020-12-29


In the meantime I switched to Node-RED instead of Kplex or SignalK and I created my "own" NMEA0183 Multiplexer.

Will post this soon on Youtube...

RE: OpenPlotter YouTube Tutorial - BartStevens - 2021-02-11

Have a look at this one