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Wind data to PyPilot - drbarritt - 2021-02-06

Hi all,  NMEA data from all my instruments is fed into a Quark A026 which adds in GPS and AIS data and sends it out via WiFi.  Then I have a TCP connection to the Quark set up in OpenCPN (running on a Pi3+).  This works fine and I can set up Dashboard displays to show Wind/Depth/Log data.  Now I need to get wind data into PyPilot (also running on the Pi3+) so I can use it in Wind mode.  I have an output connection in OpenCPN which sends the course to steer data to PyPilot  with ECRMB, ECRMC, ECAPB in the Output Filter (not sure if I need all three of these for Pypilot to work)  
My question is, should I add Wind Sentences (WIMWV) to this output filter or should I move the NMEA input connection to SignalK and then the data should be available to both OpenCPN and PyPilot?
Any advice much appreciated!