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pypilot.conf - kinefou - 2021-02-23


I am trying to program a python program to be able to save and restore presets for pypilot, but I am having a weird problem!

I have a version of openplotter 2 installed on ssd and I am working on it at home to avoid overloading my SD card with many writes.
I have a second version of the same software on an SD card with which I navigate.
Satisfied with my python program tested on the ssd version, so I wear it on the SD card, but it doesn't work !!! ??
I then edit the .pypilot / pypilot.conf file and realize to my surprise that they are different in the 2 versions!
In the first there are no quotes around the labels but in the second is are present which messes up my code based on recognizing labels and modifying their value (sed command)
For both versions, it is version 2.1.1 of pypilot.
Is there a link between the version of pypilot and the presence or not of quotes in pypilot.conf? i
n the first screenshot, pypilot.conf from my SD card
in the second screen shot, pypilot.conf from my SSD
Any idea??

RE: pypilot.conf - seandepagnier - 2021-02-25

this is fallout from data change

The first version is "json" format is the old format

The second version is the new format. So it is a pypilot version difference.

RE: pypilot.conf - kinefou - 2021-02-25

Thanks a lot for the clarifications,
I will therefore try to adapt my script to the new version of pypilot.
(I thought I had the same version on both devices, since it's v2.1.1 on both media!).