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RE: New wind sensor - Pypilot + Davis - andy kopac - 2024-03-31

(2024-03-22, 08:56 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: Speed is a pulse, so for this an oscilliscope might be useful.
Hi Sean
I think you can disregard my email.  This is same problem I have I think.  I have tried a 2nd spare anomometer and it still won’t give me speed.  I thoroughly cleaned contacts.  I am going to try bypassing the rj45 jack if you guys don’t find a solution.  I’m currently anchored in whangarei New Zealand now, but will be returning to the states in June for a wedding.  Thanks for any support and solutions you might have.

RE: New wind sensor - Pypilot + Davis - seandepagnier - 2024-03-31

yes but did you put the scope on the pin for speed and see pulses?

RE: New wind sensor - Pypilot + Davis - Erickalon - 2024-05-16

Hi Sean, a small feed back on my anemometer issue. The problem was a broken wire in the terminal box at the top of the mast, not a surprise for you I presume. So both Davis anemometer and your sensor are working fine. I am sorry to have take a part of your time for a so stupid problem.

By the way, I have solved the question linked to the backward installation of the anemometer by grinding a new flat on the axis of the direction sensor at 180° of the original one. Due to the mounting of the direction potentiometer, that was the best solution for me.