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Shallow bilge - water alarm - ottow - 2021-11-22


My boat has a really shallow bilge with no sump, and it is typically bone-dry. It is however quite wide, and just a centimeter or two of water in it would mean I have 20-30 liters of water down there.
I'd like to put some kind of sensor and link it to OP, but the typical bilge water sensor I see recommended is a float switch which needs a couple of centimeters to react.

Any ideas for alternatives? 1-wire, I2C or just a plain NC/NO device would all work I think

RE: Shallow bilge - water alarm - ottow - 2021-11-24

This looks like a possible solution:

Or maybe not, it is 9-12v only. Seems it might fry when the generator is charging and the voltage goes up to 14.6v

RE: Shallow bilge - water alarm - seandepagnier - 2021-11-28

how does your pump draw it out so shallow? I use a diaphragm pump with 3d printed filter to avoid fouling the valves.

RE: Shallow bilge - water alarm - ottow - 2021-11-29

The pump will need 3-4cm before it can draw any water out. But as I mentioned, the bilge is bone-dry, no water at all in there normally.
I want to put sensors there to be alerted if this changes because if it does, something is wrong (thru-hull started leaking or something like that)

RE: Shallow bilge - water alarm - tkurki - 2021-11-29