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IPad VNC Connect issue - Gambol - 2022-01-02

I am having an issue connecting with VNC connect (RealVNC) on my ipad, I get the message:

"The computer's IP address could not be contacted"

I know the IP address is correct

I can connect using VNC Connect using the same IP address on my PC

I can SSH into the PI, connect to signal K and KIP from the Ipad without issue (with the same IP, obviously a different port)

On my boat I have a dedicated router with the 4G connection, this has a lan connection to the Pi.  The router is a very simple unit and I cannot see any firewall etc that would kill the IPad but not the PC.

I am at a loss and was wondering if anyone has any ideas?

RE: IPad VNC Connect issue - Gambol - 2022-01-04

Well after much scratching my head and wondering why everything other than my Ipad worked I reinstalled the app and what do you know it works now.