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Connecting things up.... - Finbar J - 2022-01-14

Hi all

I have been playing with WAGO connectors for the boat.
I need glasses for fine work, and not fond of soldering - especially as I take the pi (and sometime other components) home for messing about/testing.

Wago connectors seem to be a good solution for wiring - but be careful with the sizing - data wires need fine connectors.

They seem to beat the old screw type connectors (I might later move some of the buses - especially for 5v connectors).

I was concerned about water ingress - even moisture in the cabin.

I have found an IPx8 type box for these which I will test.  you can find them here:|pcrid|491034915808|kword||match||plid||slid||product|CN22653|pgrid|47836417355|ptaid|pla-1399224893412|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&s_kwcid=AL!5616!3!491034915808!!!network}!1399224893412!&gclid=CjwKCAiA24SPBhB0EiwAjBgkhow8XwtdcENYcS0TP28S-nt3Azc3654n0KqoBuDzus4tS5RFen2A2RoCHMoQAvD_BwE

Basic fine wago are here:

hope that this helps!  If anyone feels that there is a problem here, please let me know.