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RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - pacman - 2022-07-26

(2022-07-26, 10:09 AM)Sailoog Wrote: after signal k server installation, a systemctl service is created and you need the user there. If you change the user "pi" you just need to re-install signal k and the systemctl service will be overwritten with the new user.

In the near future you will be able to set the user and lots of parameters before requesting customized images that will be built on the fly:

Thank you so much for the clarification Sailoog, really appreciated

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - broosmaxim - 2022-07-30

Hi Guys, 

First of all, massive thanks for all the effort and dedication you put into this project!

I have a question regarding a trip I'm planning. We would leave next weekend but I wanted to use the SDR VHF app from OP to receive some AIS signals from boats around me. Given the fact that this app is not supported yet on OP3, is it better to keep using OP2 with the SDR VHF app, or is there a way to use OP3 yet install the old SDR VHF app?

thank you for your insights!

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - Sailoog - 2022-07-31

I would recommend to keep OP2

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - pacman - 2022-08-05

After Sailoog suggestion, I got openplotter3 running. I have replicated all the settings I had on op2 and everything seemed fine. I manage a lithium battery bank using nodered and an external application that polls the batteries bmses, send data and alarms to mqtt, and I display them on a tablet dashboard. So far so good.
With op3, it works fine for a while and then it loses the bmses connection, so that I lose the bank data.
Rebooting it starts working again and eventually it fails again.
Currently I reverted to op2, but some nodered nodes need to be updated and I cannot because node and npm versions are too old. Any suggestion on how to proceed?
Thanks in advance

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - Polonioli - 2022-08-09

It would be good to be able to enter a device type ina226 or ina260  that its reading is type 20 amp well we know that in 12v.  the amperage is high. As the ina219 does not read more than 3 amps, that is very little in 12v. I always felt the lack of a device that could measure high amperages in Signalk. 

In openplotter v2 ina260 not working in signalk with kip , not read , you add in openplotter i2c  but signalk not read the device.and kip dont show nothing.

Excellent work, my congratulations to the whole team

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - Sailoog - 2022-08-14

We are sailing right now. We will back to work in September. Before leaving the openplotter-pypilot app for v3 was almost done and the next ones in the list are openplotter-gpio and openplotter-i2c. We will try to apply and fix all the I2C sensors of v2 and add new ones, INAxxx, etc.

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - ironman - 2022-08-14

Enjoy your trip! Well-deserved, I'm sure many here would agree.

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - Sailoog - 2022-09-15

openplotter-pypilot 3.x.x published, it is I2C turn.

RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - Polonioli - 2022-09-18

(2022-09-15, 10:33 AM)Sailoog Wrote: openplotter-pypilot 3.x.x published, it is I2C turn.


RE: OpenPlotter 3 roadmap - Erikblade - 2022-09-18


I have a question about notifications 3.0.6-stable

the corresponding documentation is not published and I have doubts about the use of this function.

From what I have been able to investigate, it seems that it is possible to execute a command when an event occurs, but I am not very clear.

The issue that I was looking to achieve was to establish a series of alarms (flood, intrusion, etc.) so that, when I am not on board, a script is executed that sends me a notification to my mobile (Telegram bot) and/or performs some action. .

I don't know if it will be possible, at least for now in tests, I haven't succeeded, I think it's because I don't understand how it works.

Thank you very much for your time and very grateful for the work developed.

PS: if you want to send me a private message, you can write in Spanish.

sorry about the letter size but to translate i use google and didn't realize about the size of the letters.