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A GPS problem (again) - yek920 - 2017-04-02


I know there have been posts about the same problem, but those old threads do not help now.

I am using OP 0.9. I have a GPS dongle. The dongle:
- is visible in the OpenPlotter USB manager
- NMEA page shows it as a serial device, 4800 Bauds. Data is flowing in the diagnostic window.
- OpenCPN sees it using TCP. Again the NMEA debug windows shows data coming.
- OpenCPN Dashboard shows many satellites, but no time or position  and no location (ship) on the map. No matter how long I wait, no change.

I do not understand why the position and time are not working when the other setting seem to be correct when the data is visible in the debug windows?

I have changed the language to English and tried everything else what can be found here. Should I change to 0.8?


RE: A GPS problem (again) - SkipperEarly - 2017-04-19

have you tried to set Auto-Follow (F2) in ocpn?