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Pypilot and Openplotter assortment - Saqqara - 2022-05-03

Hi sailors, I no longer have a boat, and am liquidating most of my Openplotter things to move overseas.

I have a brand new Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB - I mistakenly opened the box while preparing for this photo. I fried another Pi4 and bought this to replace it, but never got around to using it. 

I also have a motor controller built for me by Sean DePagnier.

There is an 128GB SSD and USB3 adapter, a rudder angle sensor, and a software defined radio receiver with adapter to a VHF antenna.

Heat sink case for the Pi, GPIO extension, 32GB SD Card, 110v usb c power supply with switch, 2 HDMI adapters, an iNA219 and shunt.

There are a couple of WEMOS D1 clones but I think one is defective.

Asking $240 US or best offer plus actual shipping cost. 

[Image: Wy9mmCX.jpg]

RE: Pypilot and Openplotter assortment - Saqqara - 2022-05-06

Sold, thanks