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Custom virtual keyboard layouts wanted - Sailoog - 2022-05-29

We have included the virtual keyboard to openplotter-settings app in OpenPlotter 3 and we need to include different layouts for different languages:


We have created a layout for Catalan as example with the main characters and symbols used in the marine environment for this language:


For example if you want to create the French version, create a text file with this content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


Basic keyboard layout


<!-- not yet implemented -->

<layout id="OpenPlotter QWERTY-FR">
   <include file="base-fragment-fr_FR.xml"/>

and save it as keyboard-FR.xml in /usr/share/matchbox-keyboard

Then edit the file base-fragment-fr_FR.xml that you will find in /usr/share/matchbox-keyboard until you are happy with the result and finally post in this thread both files keyboard-FR.xml and base-fragment-fr_FR.xml to be added to the next version of openplotter-settings.

These base-fragment files are just drafts and need some edition, if you have any doubt check our file base-fragment-CAT.xml to see how things work. If you use any custom images, please post them in this thread as well.