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Gains and settings - OneSea - 2022-07-11

I am relatively new user having bought a PC Nautic unit.  I have to say after a few weeks I am impressed.  Better than my previous Raymarine tiller pilot.

However I do have some questions, yes my boat does carry moderate weather helm (I am working on this but some of it is in design).  She also needs are degrees helm to keep her straight under engine..

The auto pilot often hovers afew degrees off course.  I can work with it but was wondering if it was my settings.

Also I often don't mind power consumption but sailing in busy waters need an accurate course and quick course changes.

Attached are 3 screen shots, motor used when motoring or accurate course required,
Medium for open waters motoring and up wind,
Low1 for open waters and down wind/reaching,

All suggestions appreciated.

Yes I have read the manual but would be interested in real feed back ..


Boat Morgan Giles 30 long keel.