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Dual control - Tom - 2022-07-25

Hi all,

I'm new to OP and my learning curve is steep! After installing OP on my RPI4 I was able to control OP from two different units (tablet + lapstop) through WiFi Access Point. Last week I made a change (for testing purposes only) disabling my laptop from being able to make any changes to OP (view only). Now I would like to enable the OP control from my laptop again but I can't remember where I disabled it!!!! Can anyone please give me a lead?

/ Tom

RE: Dual control - Tom - 2022-07-25

Replying to my own post!

After a long time of search I finally found it.

1. Right click on the VNC Viewer frame (from laptop logged in to OP)
2. Choose Properties...
3. Under Options, uncheck "View-only"
4. Done!