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RE: A new beginner with Pypilot ! - Ebraball - 2022-10-22

Well, I added in "" the lines "ActionHeading(self, 120), and ActionHeading(self, -120), and it seems to work. Is this a normal procedure or did I break everything?

RE: A new beginner with Pypilot ! - seandepagnier - 2022-10-23

Maybe your version lacks the actual tack command.

What you have produced is something that changes the commanded heading by 120 degrees which is different. You can keep it for now, but the version I am working on (unstable branch) implements tacking as a function (which can be canceled) and uses different steering logic from normal operation.

RE: A new beginner with Pypilot ! - Ebraball - 2022-10-23

OK, but my old Autohelm ST3000 doesn't do any better, I've been sailing with it for 20 years, and it suits me.
I will install the new version when it is available. Thank you for sharing and for your help.
Now I'm waiting for an IBT2 to tackle the motor control.
I'll be back on the forum soon I think !

RE: A new beginner with Pypilot ! - Ebraball - 2022-11-07

The mysteries of electronics!!!
Having received my family this vacation, I moved all my mess used for Pypilot testing and settled elsewhere. After putting everything back together, I restart the Raspi and do a little test… and there, miracle, after several days of unsuccessful attempts, the IBT2 works! I check all my assembly, and I realize that I forgot to reconnect the 5v on the VCC and GND pins of the IBT2. So I proceed to new tests, with and without the 5v connected, to find that it works very well without the 5v, and absolutely not with the 5v connected. Has anyone encountered this anomaly? How to explain it?