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Traveling Destinations Advice - Inq - 2024-02-05

I am interested in planning trips.  At the moment, I'm not talking about chart-plotter planning, I'm just talking about locations.  Eventually, I would want to visit places that I can cheaply tie-up, moor-up with a ~30 foot boat and stroll through town.  At the moment, I would be visiting via car and just identifying small, boat friendly towns.  I'm initially interested along the US Intercostal Waterway, but eventually want to expand up into Canada and down into the Caribbean.  I don't think this forum is really geared to this kind of question (I don't see a category) but the people here are the kind that would be more likely to be the kind I want advice from.  

Can you recommend:
  1. Other (boat) forums that might be more destination oriented?
  2. Websites - like Chamber of Commerce type tourism, but costal related?
  3. Or if you just have a favorite town on the coast you'd recommend?


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a great resource -