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Potentiometer to control Linear Actuator, auxiliary motor
Thanks sean. Does The motor controller share the info with signalk? This is a 5k potentiometer would that work if I connected it to the 3 wires from the motor controller?
yes, it should support rudder feedback as either input or output from signalk, the translation is bi-directional.
(2021-02-28, 01:56 AM)seandepagnier Wrote: yes, it should support rudder feedback as either input or output from signalk, the translation is bi-directional.

Thanks Sean, There are two, 3 pin plugs coming out of my motor controller, can you tell me which plug is for rudder feed back?
Usually I used a black for rudder feedback and white for end stops but not always.

If you short them there is no harm, so try shorting the black and red of one and it should cause a pin fault
Thanks Sean

I was able to trace the wires back and I have figured it out.

I have had some success with this project now, I have everything mounted on the boat and I have tested it (out of the water),
The auxiliary engine is following the main engine very nicely. I actually had to reduce the speed of the actuator as it was moving faster than the main, so it would start and stop every 50ms instead of moving smoothly along with the main.

I still have some zip ties and improvised angle brackets I need to replace with proper mounts but so far I am very pleased with how it works.
Fly by wire
Coool!! The first fish you are going to catch with this system is going to taste sooo fine. Chappeau!
(2021-04-06, 02:10 AM)rastam4n Wrote: Fly by wire

Nice job, congratulations and good fishing!  Smile
BTW the potentiometer which is built into the actuator was not reliable, I am unsure why exactly, but I had to move forward, so I added an external potentiometer.
Getting much better performance now.

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