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[SOLVED] AIS Data Not Coming from NMEA2000 Source
Hi all,
I just installed a new AIS Transceiver, which is connected to OpenPlotter with a CAN adapter to receive NMEA2000. It seems to be working great - all the SignalK AIS keys appear in the data browser (self and other ships), and on OpenCPN, which is connected to the SignalK stream.

My problem is that I'm not getting that same AIS data on NMEA0183 output. Everything else is fine - I can connect, as a test, OpenCPN to OpenPlotter via TCP port 10110 and GPS data is there, as well as pretty much everything else, except AIS. In my case, GPS is coming from my AIS transciever, so I'm sure that part is going through okay.

AIS isn't there. I can open the NMEA debug window and everything is coming in, except AIS strings.

I need this data via NMEA0183 as I'm using a tablet with Navionics, and it looks for those strings to display AIS on the tablet.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi Andy
I am having a similar issue. I have a Standard Horizon gx2400 with GPS and AIS.... I think in my case, the AIS data is trying to transfer at 0183(HS) = 38400, while DSC/GPS is at 4800?

I reconfigured the radio to use 38400 for the GPS data - but it doesnt seem to output correctly.
So, In my case, I seem to be stuck with either AIS or GPS sentences - I can use a puck for the GPS.

It might be useful to read the raw strings with PuTTY (on windows) as a start?

This is data that is coming in wirelessly, and originated from an NMEA2000 bus, which isn't directly readable as ASCII strings.

The debug display in OpenCPN has been pretty reliable in the past at displaying incoming NMEA0183 strings. Unfortunately, there isn't a way in OpenCPN to display incoming SignalK, but the data display on the SignalK server is showing the correct data.

Somehow, this is just a case of SignalK not outputting the AIS strings on the NMEA0183 TCP port. It's a little weird, as prior to this I was using an NMEA0183 AIS receiver, and the strings were coming in and going out of the SignalK server just fine.
Nothing is converting n2k nor sk to 0183.

Ahhh! I knew there was something I was missing. Thanks (yet again) Teppo.
Installed the plugin, tested and it works. Thanks again.
(2022-01-03, 02:56 PM)abarrow Wrote: Installed the plugin, tested and it works. Thanks again.

 Could you please tell me what you put in the "NMEA 0183 Out Events" box

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