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New OpenPlotter v1.0.0 available!!!!
Hi all,

Latest OpenPlotter release is available at

In this major revision we wanted to follow a premise, simplicity. We have tried to reduce the number of dependencies of other packages and to interrelate them better. Instead of using external packages we try to better implement those in Raspbian. In this version Signal K has more prominence and becomes the core of the system.

What's new

Network Management

Now we use the native network management in Rasbian. If you have a Raspberry 3B you can set the built-in Wifi device as an access point and as client simultaneously. There are some bugs in the firmware for Raspberry 3B+ and at this moment this is not possible but we will implement it when these bugs are solved. We have to thank to e-sailing for this.

Full pypilot support

A DIY autopilot is probably the most demanded feature for makers at sea. Now you can do it with pypilot. You will need some hardware from If you do not need an autopilot but you want to use an IMU to have heading, heel and trim, we have improved IMU autocalibration. We have to thank seandepagnier for this.

Moitessier HAT

We have developed this wonderful HAT with our partners in Austria .

  • High-sensitivity (better than -114 dBm) dual channel AIS receiver with SMA antenna connector.
  • High-performance GNSS receiver with integrated patch antenna and external antenna support via BNC connector.
  • Compass, heel and trim from gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer sensors (IMU).
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Standalone usage or in combination with Raspberry Pi (). Sensors are directly accessible via Raspberry Pi. Standalone usage requires 3.3V power supply and sensors are controlled by the HAT’s microcontroller
  • Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi models supporting 40-pin IO header.
  • Data communication via SPI (AIS, GNSS and meta data) and via I2C (sensor data). Data accessible via device driver and device file.
  • Supports ID EEPROM and automatic device tree loading
  • 3 status LEDs (AIS status, GNSS status, error)
  • Full OpenPlotter compatible. Plug and play.

[Image: assets%2F-L9g5MoJ9GSCaNGq_yjb%2F-LCisKQ8...9e4bd81d62]

New data flow

Signal K is in charge of data format conversion (NMEA 0183/2000, Signal K). We have replaced some openplotter native features by Signal k plugins. Now it is easier.
[Image: assets%2F-L9g5MoJ9GSCaNGq_yjb%2F-LCPrzzc...3d60d8b8e5]

New serial management

We have simplified the way you connect serial devices. There is an auto mode that will suggest you the best settings based on your device and your system configuration. You can enable/disable UART port to connect HATs and serial devices to GPIO.

Supports Raspberry 3B and 3B+

We have added support for the new Raspberry 3B+

Upgrade to Raspbian Stretch

This is why we had to create a new image v1.0.0. The old v0.10.0 was based on Raspbian Jessie.

Install on USB

Now you can use external storage devices to install openplotter

Simplified update process

Hopefully now you have not to wait an eternity every major update. The less time less update failures.

Improved remote desktop management

Now we used the built-in RealVNC as desktop remote server. It is maintained by Raspberry guys and works like a charm. Allows file exchange. We have sacrificed RDP because it is not compatible but you can uninstall RealVNC server and install RDP easily.

New opencpn plugins

We have updated opencpn, plugins and added pypilot and fugawi charts plugins.

New sensors supported

You can use MS5607-02BA03 sensors. New sensors will come soon.

Improved CAN-USB management

Now it is easier connecting and configure the CAN converter to have data on opencpn or send data from your sensors to your N2K network.

New documentation

We will rewrite docs to match different versions. Now translations are autonomous and we will not be a bottle neck.

New languages supported

Finnish, Greek...

and lots of little improvements and bug fixes...


Why alpha?

There are still some new features we want to add. We are waiting for some bug fixes from Rasbian devs. We need people to test deeply.

There are known old bugs still alive

Yes, we had a lot to do and little time. We preferred to have the new system to work on them.

The moitessier HAT is amazing but what can I do with all my sensors. If this HAT is present I can not connect them.

This HAT must be on top. We are working on the next stackable HATs to play with all kind of sensors. We have focused on having a pure sailing system and next we will focus on IoT features.

What now?

Stabilize the new features.
Add tools for logging data.
Add dashboard tools like Grafana
Add support for new sensors

It has taken longer than expected but we hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your patience Heart
[Image: giphy.gif]

I'm soooo happy.
Angel  Entschuldigung für mein Englisch. Es ist " english"
PN bitte auf german.  Big Grin
Would love to see a "plain" download without noobs - as previously discussed in this forum -)
(2018-05-28, 09:13 PM)petter5 Wrote: Would love to see a "plain" download without noobs  - as previously discussed in this forum  -)

Yes we will. too late and too tired now Smile
running it on usb now Smile
seeding torrent
THANKS sailoog
Congratulations! We all appreciate your hard work. I'm looking forward to returning home to try it out!

Ahhhhhhhhhh BRAVO ! Congratulation !
This is a great news !
I wish a good relaxing rest to all developers !
Is it usable from an USB media (SSD) ?
Didier B
Pi4, SSD USB3, OP 3.0 Touch SK 3.2.1 OpenCPN  5.8.4 :  Thank you  Thank you  Thank you

(2018-05-29, 09:53 AM)Didier B Wrote: Ahhhhhhhhhh BRAVO ! Congratulation !
This is a great news !
I wish a good relaxing rest to all developers !
Is it usable from an USB media (SSD) ?

if you have the pi set to boot from usb then just copy files to usb device like you would to a sd card install and enjoy.
I have updated the thread with the new features.
I want to release the plain img (not noobs) but I do not want to create a file of 8GB. Do you know an easy way to reduce and distribute SD images? All methods I found are unstable.

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