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Analog Spped/Depth (and maybe more)
First of all, if this has been addressed I'm sorry, please feel free to direct me to the right place.
I did a couple of searches on these boards but I couldn't find anything. 

I'm currently in the process of rewiring my sailboat, and integrating all the navigational data available.
Currently the (old) chartplotter only gets data from the GPS antenna. 

The general idea is that I want all data to be both available at the chart table as well as in the cockpit. 
So the RPi3 is the one that will need to do the heavy lifting at the chart table, assisted by a Shipmodul Miniplex-2USB to gather and sort out the data.

The issue that I'm pondering at the moment (there are many others, which light get addressed here later):
There is an analog log (simple peddling wheel) and a 150khz depth sounder that returns an analog signal to a NASA Marine Clipper Duet display, which is mounted next to the compagnonway, in the cockpit. The Duet does not produce any NMEA output.

In order to fix this, I see a couple of possible solutions each with its drawbacks. 

1) The NasaMarine Clipper Log provides NMEA0183 output sentences ($VWVHW / $VWVLW), so is I could find a unit that took the 150Khz signal from the echosounder displayed it and provided NMEA0183 output for it .... The NasaMarine Depth does provide output in a propriety format, and an arduino sketch exists to convert it to NMEA standard.
Disadvantage: cost (2 new displays) and modifying the layout of the available displaying in the cockpit.
2) Get an Actisense DST-2-150 module (Ebay) that takes the signals for both and outputs NMEA0183 sentenses for both. And replace the duet by a unit that displays that NMEA data.
Disavantage: cost of the actisense module and the NMEA repeater display.

I was wondering if the signals could be intercepted (before they hit any display) by either an arduino (cheap, versatile) or the RPi (already present) and if that device could be used to convert the signals to NMEA0183 output.
After that the signal could be send to a NMEA repeater display in the cockpit. Or (even better), if the signal doesn't get affected (too much) by tapping into it send the original signal to the exiting Nasa Marine Clipper Duet. 

Anyone any experience with something like this, or any ideas?

How to connect an airman depth and temperardes transducer in to UBS apaptaer? Wire power 12V goes to trasncuer directly, ground to griund and TX and RX? Do do i prepare this wiring cometiom toconecet to USB and after

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