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Kindle Paperwhite as KIP Cockpit Display
I don't have access to a Kindle, but I am wondering if the browser in a kindle could display KIP over WiFi?
I can't remember if I tried. I can - but it may be this weekend before I can get out to the boat.

It is nice that the new Paperwhite is waterproof.

I use a modified version of the iKommunicate kindle app. Sure would be nice to have a graphical wind display.

I have a screen set up with Heading and Speed over Ground on a race boat I crew for. The captain and the tactician are satisfied with the speed in which it updates. It's a great little display.

In any case there are a couple of tricks you need to know to stop the screen saving mode from kicking in and to allow it to stay connected to a wifi access point that has no internet access. They are elsewhere on the forum, search Kindle.
IKommunicate seems complicated to customize on the Kindle.
I can set up KIP to display things as I want them but I understand that it does not work in all browsers. Thats why I am wondering has anyone tried it on a Kindle.
My initial answer is no, I can't get KIP to load on the Kindle Paperwhite.

On the Pi's browser I loaded it then reset to default, adding a single numeric instrument with a compass heading, then I clicked save. (This may be in vain, I don't think this overwrites the config that another device loads).

Then I tried to open it on the Kindle - it acted like it was loading something successfully but only had a blank screen. No error messages, just white.

Perhaps it is trying to load a more complex initial configuration than would be right for the device. I didn't have much time to play with it. There was no way to get into KIP settings on the Kindle, I tried by the url.
Thanks for your reply. As I understand it the KIP configuration is saved on the client machine not on the server, so you have to configure it on each browser used.
I think it has potential as a cockpit repeater if the browser could work.
(2018-11-02, 08:38 PM)Jodel Wrote: Thanks for your reply. As I understand it the KIP configuration is saved on the client machine not on the server, so you have to configure it on each browser used.  
I think it has potential as a cockpit repeater if the browser could work.

I just confirmed Kip loads with a minimum configuration already on a fresh new device, so this is a pretty good sign it isn’t going to work.
I only have an older Kindle paperwhite, but my understanding is the browser on Kindles have very limited javascript support Sad
Any Paperwhite should do, they all run common firmware I think.

I wonder if it is just an older Javascript and a few commands need to be adjusted. I had an app that Googlebot couldn't render that I worked on this week, and a couple of "use strict" statements and it was working fine. (Googlebot uses Chrome 41.)

A google search reveals this:
"Newer e-ink Kindle devices, like the PaperWhite, Oasis and Voyage running firmware 5.x support the ES5 version of JavaScript and some HTML5 layout features, similar to an original iPad running iOS 5.0. You can inspect the source code for the browser, which Amazon supplies in their open source compliance download package. It is based on the WebKit sources circa 2009 with some customizations for e-ink rendering. The browser passes the Acid 3 standards compliance test with 100 out of 100 tests passing and almost totally matching the reference rendering."

This may also help:

The iKommunicate app has its quirks but it works, and Sailgauge works with some modifications. Really if we could mash up the two of those we might have a decent 80% solution. Of course the configurability of Kip makes it so awesome.

Sadly, the cross section of people in the world with a signal k server and who wish to use the Kindle as a display seems to be about 6 people! I'm not sure why others don't think it is so brilliant. It's cheap, you can read it in full sunlight, and best of all kid wants nothing to do with it.
[Image: 37c52266cd44211ff3cf3323ecdbde9f.jpg]
(2018-11-11, 10:25 PM)Saqqara Wrote: [Image: 37c52266cd44211ff3cf3323ecdbde9f.jpg]

Très bien, je teste avec kobo h2o. sailgauge is ok to the exemples of colour white ok signal k jauge simple mais on a data data on play and plug-in work, mais le travail de la page a également une idée de son basculer à sessionstrorage mais je ne sais pas ce qu'il faut Huh Huh

sorry for my bad english i open a new thread for kobo testing answer and issue i think its the same pb to kindle the localstorage function

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