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linear actuator recomendations
Is this the same one that cost $160 for 4 pieces from aliexpress? Do you have the original chinese supplier?

on the first view it seems that this is the same but there were some details which were important for me so I choose this.

This one have a clear specified IP 65 class (due to  other seals and cable input), the chineese actuators are often specified as "waterproof".
It comes with build in end stop switches and potentiometer which is an option by the chineese seller (and costs).

The main thing is that it fits for the existing Raymarine mountings.
I could have tinkered something but I didn't want to.

Best regards

I'm also wondering the service life of the potentiometer. Many have 10,000 cycles which is not much at sea. It may last longer than the rating though.
For my project I needed an external potentiometer.  
I purchased this one.  It has a very high service life
(2021-01-29, 09:24 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: I'm also wondering the service life of the potentiometer.   Many have 10,000 cycles which is not much at sea. It may last longer than the rating though.


theese lifetime circle informations are not always given.

I don´t found any informations about this for the commercial rudder sensors from Raymarine or similar.
If the movement of such an actuator worns out the potentiometer I´ll see when using it over some years. But I think the lifetime from this is the same as the one from Raymarine sensors.

Best regards

It is probably the same, my understanding is:

1) cheap potentiometer is rated 10,000 cycles. This is a few months at sea, or say 2 ocean passages. You can do this calculation yourself.

2) Even if rated 10,000 it may last 20-30-40k cycles.

3) Hall effect sensors which have no contact do not wear out

4) Potentiometers with 1M, 5M, 10M cycles exist but tend to cost more than hall sensors

yes, a hall sensor don´t wear out but it´s not so easy to adapt them on an existing system and it´s not easy to build an microcontroller based circuit and code to use them as rudder sensors.

So I prefer to use simpler not somehow tinkered systems like this with build in potentiometer. As the coastal and northsea sailor that I am such a system will accompany me on my travels for longer.

If the potentiometer is dead it´s possible to change it.
So I think such a actuator regardless of whether from a chinese dealer or another should be ok.

The bullet-proof solution is an implementation of hall sensors, shure.

Best regards

[quote pid='18023' dateline='1612037820']
Hello Sean, hello all,
I ordered  Pypilot boards a few days ago and they are now on the way.
I have now to find the right actuator for my need (My boat is a 40”, 10Tons with a tiller.) and we have discussions about this on the french sailing forum
We had a look on chinese 30$ actuators, Pelagic-like HB actuator, and we also found a taiwanese brand, Hurd, which seems to provide an interesting product named ELA45 (rated IP68).
These references could fit with autopilot needs
ELA45-300-070-12 (700N, 30mm/s loaded, 84mm/s unloaded, stroke 300mm)
ELA45-300-210-12 (2100N,stroke 300mm, 9mm/s loaded, 24mm/s unloaded, stroke 300mm)
Do you have any advice or feedback on such an actuator?
We are waiting for a quotation from the supplier and will give you some feedback
Thank you and again congratulations for your job on pypilot!

The stats on the actuator (30mm/s loaded, 84mm/s unloaded, stroke 300mm) seems ok

Maybe more stroke would be nice but it really depends on the boat and where the actuator attaches. Extra stroke may only be useful during tacking which is not fully functional yet anyway...
Thanks Sean.
Just to share the information we just get about taiwanese brand, Hurd, ELA45-300-070-12 (700N, 30mm/s loaded, 84mm/s unloaded, stroke 300mm)
-> price around 100€/piece for 3 actuators + 180€ shipping to France!

If any of you has feedback about an actuator you bought, this would be greatly appreciated.

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