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Server Hardware for openplotter?

Has the new stable Pi update been released yet that fixes the firmware issue?

My extensive wishlist for a boat computer card:

The wishlist is inspired by MCC board (, as well as CarPiHat, number of SupTronics boards, Moitessier Hat, PiJuice, SixFab boards,.

  1. RTC clock
  2. UPS
  3. Lithium Ion battery mounting place
  4. Port for solar / wind power input
  5. Charging from solar, overcharge protection. If solar is enough then work from solar and charge, if not then from lithium battery, if not enough from 12v house battery, if not enough then do a safe shutdown, but when solar comes back up (or house battery) start the pi automatically
  6. 7-port USB hub (can be USB 2.0) self-powered, non back feeding
  7. Audio in/out
  8. SSD drive interface, place to mount SSD
  9. Supplied with IP67 or better panel mounted interfaces (round holes) and cords to the board for USB, HDMI, Audio in/out, Ethernet, NMEA, power, momentary switch button, RF ports for antennas (GPS, AIS, SDR radio, etc)
  10. External panel mounted SD card reader extension (IP68 or better) for easy software and charts swap
  11. Panel mount status lights or (better) small (like m5stack) LCD display
  12. Built-in on-board NMEA multiplexor functionality
  13. Panel mount amp and volt meter
  14. Buzzer for alarms
  15. Panel mount USB charger port and cigarette 12v port (waterproof)
  16. Conformant of over the board
  17. Two options to install the board (mount inside a panel, or install in supplied protective case with wires routed via glands + waterproof case vent
  18. Plus all existing MCC board functionality (optocoupled interfaces, self healing fuse, CAN bus, 5 NMEA 0183 interfaces, 1-wire, etc)
  19. Ports for engine RPM, temperature, oil pressure, bilge pump monitoring, liquid levels inputs, navigation lights programmable controls, inputs for various gas alarm sensors, anchor windlass controls, bow thruster controls, a/c controls, fridge controls interface, water heater controls, air blower controls, seacocks state inputs, heel/pitch/roll, IMU (heading), environment (air temp, pressure, water temp) rudder position, interfaces to electric winches, sail tension sensors ports, live well tank controls
  20. Integration with on-board WiFi, LTE router via ethernet
  21. Integration with SDR radio, SSB via audio in and USB (AIS, NavTex, Weather fax, Inmarsat Fleet)
  22. Integration with Iridium satellite phone as a modem
  23. Integration with radar
  24. Integration with sonar, fishfinders
  25. Integration with depth, speed, wind transducers, autopilot via NMEA
  26. Integration with lidar or color night vision camera

See also:

(2020-08-27, 09:13 PM)jamieFL Wrote: Thomas,

Has the new stable Pi update been released yet that fixes the firmware issue?


Sorry for the late answer.
Yes you can update. all works fine.
An update to my issue regarding stlk-fail:

Due to HW failure I changed from a ST6000+ to a ST6001+, still same problem when connecting the MCS board, Seatalk fail is displayed.
After adding a pull-up of 100k on the digital input everything works fine!

Now I am hoping for any kind of advice on how to get the ST1 output available Wink
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42.2 - All Openplottered and hooked up on online.
Ciao Thomas, I tried to configure your new Plugin but it gives me an error ... but I ask do I need it? It's already set up all right from your card ... sorry but SK for me is a nice puzzle ... Huh

You see:


Oops! I just saw your comment in the other forum ... so alright!
Here you find informations of the updatet 1.5 board...:

Key facts:
Already available:
• Easy-to-use all-round adapter board for Marine application
• Combines different interfaces
• Usable with Raspberry Pi 3,4

• Large inpu tvoltage range(8-28V)
• Integrated 5V Power adapter
• Autoshutdown for power down the Pi and shutdown the board
• 6x NMEA0183 compatible interfaces (configurable as input or output)
• 1x NMEA2000 compatible interface
• 1x 1-Wire interface with real 1-Wire standard
• 1x 5V tolerant I²C interface
• 4x digital Inputs
• Ready to use open source app for OpenPlotter
Whats New?:
• SignalK Intigration
• Sealtalk1 reading
• Frequenz measurement (through In1-In4) for RPM / Frequenz (Terminal W of the Alternator or Sensor) (at the moment only intigrated in Openplotter)

Whats planed?:
•  I/O board with 8 Inputs (8-28V) and 8 Outputs (8-28V / 500mA)
• Analog Input board with 4 Inputs. For measure Voltage 12V, measure Shunt diff Voltage and measure Sensor Inputs (0-300Ohm)
=> It is possible to wire 4 of this boards to the MCS
• Compass and Sensor board
May be add relays for nav/running/anchor lights?
With an API.

I worked on it. But I do this directly in SignalK...
Further the Same for the I/O Boards... :-)
See here... :
If Possible please add Seatalk1 Write

thx G
(2020-09-24, 06:29 PM)gniersma Wrote: If Possible please add Seatalk1 Write

thx G

The dream functionality! Wink
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42.2 - All Openplottered and hooked up on online.

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