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Windvane weather sensors with display virtual serial port connectivity
Recently I ordered and received weather sensors with display. 
[Image: A7iVnCxqOCxQlbmhKF6wbTRPI4oosaVqThXeft8q...NjzdIfYh2h]

I purchased a Davis anemometer and got it all connected initially at home where I could do some testing then connect it to my Openplotter. Upon completing that I was able to view my wind speed and direction it on Opencpn .[Image: nIClQm7mJK6bqWfvOxFqb25Jjvt_2mIgIFD1q_GA...nEB9JEC_HV]

[Image: kHgXLB6JYIgDrAyoITtf8WoNlYKTS0_3xM4xgvmw...s5owRo4bKH]

Now how ever upon moving things to the boat I have the arduino board running and can see that it is working from the lcd screen but I can not seem to get it to connect to the openplotter raspberry pi or the Oepncpn instance. There has been an upgrade since then and it seems to me that the Serial0/ttyusb0 connectivity I had prior to the update is somehow different and may be causing the issues. I no longer even have ttyusb0 I now seem to have these instead and I can not find the great document I had used in setting this up in the first place. So I am hoping I can get someone to point me in the right direction to reestablish the virtual serial port from the arduino to the raspberry pi/openplotter/opencpn. 

ttyS0 ------> used by the Moitessier HAT

[Image: zBEnV090_UpfESupYwGwP7EMde1GpHC95VImGS8z...pnwdtvX4VU]

Thanks for any assistance.


It will be a usb serial port like /dev/ttyUSB0 and the baud rate is 38400.
(2019-07-03, 12:20 AM)seandepagnier Wrote: It will be a usb serial port like /dev/ttyUSB0 and the baud rate is 38400.

For some reason this time there is no ttyUSB0 or any ttyUSB at all. Is there something I am missing? Do I need to do anything else that would enable the ability to have a ttyUSB virtual port?


What computer are you plugging the weather sensors into? It uses a ch341.

What is the dmesg output? The problem is you don't have /dev/ttyUSB0
send us an screenshot of the serial tab in openplotter after clicking "refresh"
Wildly on topic, but as an aside - Sean: can I use my Nasa Windvane NMEA0183 with pypilot? It outputs NMEA0183 over a blue cable and currently its fed into my OP installation - would I need to feed it into pypilot or can I TCP it?

Thanks, sorry for the intrusion....
You can somehow forward the MWV sentences to pypilot port 20220, or assign the serial port to pypilot, and read from 20220 from other devices.

Yes it should work, but some wind sensors may be better than others. The key is low friction for light wind direction
I finally got this up and working not totally sure what I was doing wrong but I now have a /dev/USB0 and have it listed in open plotter as a serial port and is assigned to kplex. In diagnostic mode it shows data passing through and in SignalK I see it in the dashboard. Last step is not getting it to show up on OpenCPN dashboard widget.

Sorry for the delayed response I did not get any email notifications that this thread had been updated -- looking at my notifications settings now.
have you tried the signalk, Convert Signal K to NMEA0183 plugin ?
mare liberum
Can you tell me, what is the actual wiring from the Davis cable to the Rpi? How do you make that connection? Thanks.

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