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automatically selecting autopilot gains
I'm also struggling with setting gains properly, and stumbled across this thread today. I'm running version 0.12 of pypilot and having tried the script found that it looks super useful while I try and find the sweet spot for getting our boat to run downwind properly.

Unfortunately, any changes that I make via gainsets don't make their way to the config. The program is able to read the current values from signalk, but can't seem to write them back. In the console I can see it generating the

{'method': 'set', 'value': u'0.005', 'name': u'ap.pilot.basic.I'}

strings, but they don't then update the config. Any ideas where I could start looking to see if I can bully it into working?

Unfortunately in this old version the data protocol has changed.

There are 3 different "pilots" in the next version of pypilot (to be released soon) which offer online learning. This is still in infancy and more algorithms are planned.

For example, one constantly adjusts to try to improve, another uses lots of data and compares wind speed and direction (even in compass mode) to try to consider past data even from a long time ago if the current conditions match.

Once more is known hopefully the best aspects of various algorithms will be combined, but this will likely take years longer.

Might I suggest also boat weight or length as a parameter? Not sure if this is added value, but I can imagine smaller and lighter boats (in calm conditions) are lighter to steer for a tiller than a longer heavier boat. Usually the gains are set in calm conditions and you have this worked out anyway, but it might be nice for new users to have some sort of default pre-defined settings. This might make it easier finding that "sweet spot" that will steer comfortably and accurate, but also power efficient. When I set-up the gains and find that "sweet spot" I usually have no idea why I found it, or if it is more or less power efficient.

Anyway, I really like all discussions about autopilot gain so I am glad with your initiative.

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