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Tack functionality does not work for me
it's true that it shouldn't matter where the plugin is running

I'll take a look at this hopefully soon... I wonder if jibe should be implemented as well
Hi everyone,
About tack functionality I would consider 3 variables mostly:
- tack angle (i.e. 100°)
- tack offset (how far beyond the new course you let the boat go, depends very much on the boat, displacement, genoa size, etc. i.e. 10°)
- time from tack offset (the boat reaches the new course more or less slowly from the offset position depending on the boat ability to regain speed, i.e. 10s - also sets when the pilot goes back to regular engaged mode)
The standby button must remain active anytime (in order to abort the maneuver if need be)

Jibe would make sense in wind mode only...but remains the most difficult and dangerous maneuver on a sailboat, so I wouldn't do it (unless you want to sell helmets along with pypilot...)
This isn't exactly how the tacking is implemented in the github repository currently.

There is tack angle, but there is also tack threshold. This is the point where the pilot just resumes normal course keeping with the new course. The reason, is most boats while tacking once they get through the wind, they tend to fall off anyway.

It would be perfectly permissible to implement multiple tacking algorithms. Currently there are several "pilots" you can choose from which perform steering calculations in different ways. There is only one basic tacking algorithm, but potentially in the future, there can be "tacking" pilots who take over during tacking. Then you would select one of these to use.

As for jibing. I am not really concerned too much. I have a few concussions myself from metal boom. Perhaps it is good to put foam padding on the boom. The problem is 3 story powerboats sneaking up behind me and messing up the wind.

Generally for jibing it is less critical because you can simply steer the new course first, then start sheeting the sail in, and throw it across then let it out... I try to switch the pole first. Anyway a possible "delay" for jibing could be
useful and also wind mode using the same apparent wind ​angle perhaps. What else is special? I added it to my list of things to do (more than 75 items on the list)

As for aborting... Currently it is implemented so that if you are currently tacking, if you hit the tack button again, it aborts and resumes holding the course before tacking. Not sure if this is ideal, especially if you already made it through the wind, but then aborting does not really make sense... Maybe if the course is more than halfway through the tack aborting should go to the new course? The standby button simply disengages the pilot for manual control.

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