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Mast-Top Camera?
An idea struck me:

When anchored out, depending on visibility conditions, a good practice is to scan the horizon periodically based on how far you can see.

I know you could turn on your radar (if you have it), but I was thinking with the latest high res digital camera technology and image stitching software, it would be relatively easy to mount a number of small cameras on the mast-top and then be able to take periodic pictures (or a live video feed).

Would that be of interest to people, provided the hardware is lightweight and low profile?
well you could simply just put a gopro fusion up there and it will give you a live feed on the gopro app .. its waterproof and already does what you want?
cheap enough too
That would definitely be interesting, if you do it please post how it was done. I'm just learning and it would be a great project.
The GoPro idea is a good one, it would be interesting to try.
I wonder if it is completely controllable via the USB-C cable, since if you had to press any buttons on the camera itself it would be challenging at the top of a 52' mast...

I also had the idea of having the top-down synthesized camera view like a few modern SUV's have - where you can see all around you when you're parking?
A similar view would be pretty cool on a boat for docking purposes... especially as the boat gets bigger.
You just need a cable to keep it charged, then you can control it via wifi. It can live there 24/7.

The fusion isn't the one to get though unless you need the spherical view. I super wide view on the black would work (if pointed slightly downwards), it's features are much better even for this purpose.
Have you guys seen this?

Norbert is building an ESP32 enabled camera into a navigation lantern.

an FPV cam could be used they are getting cheaper
i plan on using them on my SAR rc glider.i could put one on the mast with the transmitter most of them will work on 12v.and there are gimbals for them too.
Jim, please be a test case. I would love to see footage from a mast top gimballed camera.
i have some parts ordered for the fpv plane, 2 cams a 3 way cam switch, 5.8 ghz transmitter & receiver. i can post some test video before i install it in it on the plane.
there's also some cams with the transmitter built in 5v
and even esp32 cams but the videos iv'e seen from the esp32 arent that good
i have a crappy gimbal i could use too
it will be a few weeks before i get them "CHINA"
you can search youtube for fpv and get a good idea of what it looks like
I've been thinking of this for a few rounds, I want the parking camera feature as well as horizon lookout. Also it needs to be a stabilized image since the masthead is rocking...

So my conclusion was simply a 360 degree camera, the GoPro Max. I have not come around to test it yet and it's way too expensive, but having a solution that "just works" is worth quite a lot.

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