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Openplotter 2 with touchscreen

I’m not sure if that general issue with touchscreen support in Linux or OpenCPN issue
on Linux. I can’t make openplotter even decently usable with a touchscreen.
No 2 finger zoom. I took same screen (it supports multitouch, argonaut m7 gen2)
and it worked with windows 10. I could zoom with 2 fingers, etc. 
with raspberry pi 4 and openplotter 2 I can’t even measure distance between points
It keeps adding more and more points with no way to remove them. 
I guess because there is no double click emulation?
Anything user input related from a touch screen is mostly unusable. 
I can’t use search plugin to search a chart because there is no way to type. 
Should be there a on-screen keyboard?
View only functions seem work. But the point of having a touch screen 
should be ability to do some user interactions. For me all I could do on a touch screen is move 
mouse pointer around and do right clicks. 
What am I missing in set up? Or I should just look into windows 10
with opencpn on it for a cockpit touchscreen?

Download BBN Marine OS for raspberry pi
Linux (as opposed to Android / AOSP) has no touch interface afik.
Totally keyboard + mouse driven.
Yes, Linux, and particularly RPI, do have touch interfaces. The 7-inch screen from Raspberry PI foundation ( supports 10-finger touch. Unfortunately, those after-market touch screens only support single touch, regardless of whether the screen supports mult-touch or not.
(2019-09-24, 09:30 PM)antoinem Wrote: Linux (as opposed to Android / AOSP) has no touch interface afik.
Totally keyboard + mouse driven.

I'am using an Egalax touchscreen and for this type of screens a touch driver is available at EEti touch website. Works very well and is simple to install.

The standard usbtouch driver is then blacklisted with the installation of the Egalax.

Just reinstalled raspbian with Buster version released in
September and two finger zoom
works on raspberry pi 4 for my Argonaut
M7 gen 2 screen but only in web browser.
Openplotter 2 behavior with touch screen
had gotten worse though. It just looses
touch events after some time and never recovers.
Openplotter 2 becomes totally unusable
with touch screen even doesn’t respond
to single touch after some time.

Download BBN Marine OS for raspberry pi
Hold 0n! I'm a newbie putting a system together, and fully expected to find a IP67 touchscreen for the helm to run OpenCPN (via Openplotter). I was planning on a 12-15 inch capacitive touchscreen. Someone has to be doing this successfully with at least two finger touch.
It's an RPI issue. The only multi-touch display available is the 7 inch screen that comes from the Raspberry Pi Foundation themselves. It's because the display driver is proprietary and licensed. Any other touch screens, even those that do multi-touch with Windows, will only do single-touch with RPI.
Maybe then a touch pad with a dumb display is the answer.
Shinho Electronics claims their SL100W unit with work with RPi and perform multi-touch. I'm intrigued.
Mostly it is drivers. If your screen isn't supported then all you get is what's called 'mouse mode' no multi touch. The second issue that in general most desktop linux systems and programs are very poorly setup for touch. OpenCPN is one of them though it is getting better.

It's sad to say but for decent touch support you are much better off using windows as the front end system. Windows 10 has a new ARM preview.

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