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pypilot plugin graphical overlay - compass mode green line
I have version 5.0.0 of opencpn on raspberry 3, and latest releases compiled from github of the pypilot plugin and tinypilot. I have Enable Graphical Overlay checked and I do see the nice red and green vectors in GPS mode. So far I'm happy.

However, in compass mode I have this green line that does not seem to be related to either my current heading or commanded heading. Is this known and something I can fix? See picture below.


[Image: attachment.php?aid=617][/size][/color]

BTW in GPS mode the graphical overlay get confused when I choose 'course up', see below two pictures taket at practically the same moment.

north up:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=618]

course up:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=619]

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I have recently had this exact same thing happen. I had an issue booting the pi and after a few attempts it did boot but some of my settings were reset. Including the signalk connection etc.
I have since reconnected and made some minor adjustments to the settings to suit my needs, but I have lost the nice red and green graphical overlays in Opencpn even though I have enabled graphical overlay.
Any suggestions on how to get this back, I really dislike the random green/red line as shown above in @ironman's post.

Random question...
Is there any advantage to running compass mode over gps?
Those are bugs, clearly the plugin overlay has not a lot of use. Thanks for reporting this I will correct it.

The advantage to compass mode is first that gps is not required. Otherwise it may be useful in some cases for example, if you dont have a wind sensor and the wind direction is stable enough but there are changing currents and or changing wind strength. With compass mode the wind angle would remain the same and course over water would be constant because the boat would point the same direction. As the current shifts and wind speed changes, the course over ground would change and following a gps course would cause the wind to shift. This could be for example in a current about as strong as the boat speed with variable wind, and sometimes the boat is moving backward or sideways over ground then sometimes the wind increases and you move forward, in this case gps will turn the boat around.

Another example may be if the gps is giving very poor/incorrect data.
I should add that the graphic overlay was working correctly using compass mode before the problem re: booting the pi and the reseting of settings happened.
The compass overlay requires the wmm plugin to be enabled.. I will fix it

I don't know why the course up mode renders wrong on yours, what version do you have?

I made some improvements to rendering in git now.
To avoid confusion: the screen dumps given above are almost 2 years old now. I have the latest at the boat and I think there's still something wrong with that green line, but I would not be able to say whether the symptoms are still exactly the same. I can check over the weekend - if I remember...
I have looked semi-consciously at the latest version of the pypilot_plugin overlay at the boat, compiled for ubuntu, and I have not noticed the long green line anymore. Haven't tried the course-up rendering.

Having said that, at home again, I seem to struggle with getting the overlay to work in the windows plugin. When exactly should they show? Always when the connected pypilot is active?

And what is the exact meaning of those white-bullet-ended vectors? Do they correspond 1:1 to certain values in the pypilotServer? And what does the green one represent in wind mode: the commanded wind angle?

The original vectors, I mean, the vectors connected to the own boat icon when there is no pypilot plugin, seem to be represent HDG (red dashed line with red-and-white circle at the end) and COG (course predictor, red dashed line with red square at the end). In what aspect is the pypilot-plugin-provided red white-bullet ended vector different from this HDG vector?
I believe yes it shows when the pilot is enabled.

They represent current heading and heading command.
Still can't get those vectors at home. I use these messages to simulate a boat; I have a freshly compiled pypilot on a raspberry.

Quote:<GREEN>09:10:31 (UDP: $GPRMC,071031,A,5226.2501,N,00126.2151,E,6.0,260.0,170921,,,A,C*12<0x0D><0x0A>
<GREEN>09:10:31 (UDP: $GPGLL,5226.2501,N,00126.2151,E,071031,A,C*46<0x0D><0x0A>
<GREEN>09:10:31 (UDP: $IIMWV,000,R,6.0,N,A*25<0x0D><0x0A>
<GREEN>09:10:31 (UDP: $IIVHW,,,260,M,6.0,N,,*56<0x0D><0x0A>
<GREEN>09:10:31 (UDP: $IIHDM,260,N,A*56<0x0D><0x0A>
<GREEN>09:10:31 (Virtual: ) $APXDR,A,-3.263,D,PTCH*52<0x0D>
<GREEN>09:10:31 (Virtual: ) $APXDR,A,5.222,D,ROLL*6E<0x0D>
<GREEN>09:10:31 (Virtual: ) $APHDM,17.835,M*0B<0x0D>

On windows, with pypilot plugin, I get the same result as on linux, with freshly compiled plugin 0.29:

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Do you have the enable overlay in the config set?

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